To eliminate poverty by ensuring no one in India is forced to live below the poverty line and to generate opportunities that provide a life of choice and dignity to women and youth of rural India.


  • To generate sustainable livelihoods through up-skilling in hand made products
  • To eliminate youth migration to urban cities by generating local employment opportunities
  • To empower women and youth of rural communities through education and training in financially sustainable entrepreneurial practices.
  • To harness traditional the knowledge of making products using local resources and thereby preserving cultural heritage while working towards improving the standards of living in rural communities
  • To connect the rural producer with the urban consumer and generate demand for environmentally friendly, ethically hand made products from India.

To achieve our mission we work towards developing self sustained rural business enterprise models that respond to current market requirements. We create income generating opportunities that combine use of use locally available natural raw materials and the traditional community knowledge of making by hand to develop new contemporary products that have been designed by keeping current market trends in mind.